On your busiest days you may wonder, if you or your team, like most other marketers, are responsible for building a brand, promoting an organization, or launching new products or services.

it's understandable.

The marketplace is more challenging than ever, with lots of voices shouting for attention - including, of course, your competitors.  Add customers and leads who seem to bob and weave whenever we call.  Questions from the corner office about the ROI on our last marketing campaign.  Toss in tight budgets, tighter deadlines, and the day-to-day "Tyranny of the Urgent."

and btw, how's your new product launch shaping up?

Innovation is the marketer’s lifeblood: customers are always looking for something new or better.  So, yes, of course details matter.  They demand and deserve our attention, from pricing to package design to social media posts.  But what do you want to see happening with your new product 90 days after your launch at this year’s top trade show?  And what are your plans right now for next year’s show?  For that matter, what are your plans for the 12 months in-between?

strategy is still a thing - even when it falls by the wayside.

Done right, strategy drives growth because it's built on critical audience insights, whether that audience is customers, leads, investors, employees - or all of them.  Consider this: Strong strategy ensures that brand and marketing campaigns large and small don't simply align with, but actually advance business objectives.  Disciplined adherence to strategy means that marketing teams focus on the right things at the right times; it reduces churn among team members and projects; and it strengthens collaboration between the marketing and sales functions.  In short, strategy raises the value of a company and its brands.

getting from "easier said than done" to just "done."

You know the value of strategy.  But if you’re not sticking to it, you might as well not have it.  Let Bounding Bear Strategy help your team build and sustain strategy that drives growth and market leadership through our proprietary Strategy-by-the-Slice training.