For starters, "Bounding Bear" refers to an encounter managing partner Pete Healy once had with a 400-pound black bear on a backpacking trip; but we’ll leave that story for another time.

For now, let’s just say that Bounding Bear means planning and executing customer-focused strategy – strategy from the outside-in – with power, speed, agility and smarts. We could add hunger to that; but forget the fuzzy fur.

Too many CMOs and their marketing teams struggle to work strategically, endlessly pressured by long to-do lists and tight resources to focus on tactics that deliver only short-term gains. Bounding Bear teaches client teams how to break free, using the principle of strategy-from-the-outside-in and the practice of Strategy-by-the-Slice to build ongoing strategies that win and keep customers.


With more than 25 years of experience on both the corporate and agency sides of business, Bounding Bear Strategy managing partner Pete Healy has built winning strategies for both consumer and B2B brands.  Pete’s deep and varied experience fuels his hands-on approach to strategy, whether applied to strengthening brand positioning or a value proposition, developing an integrated marketing plan, sustaining meaningful innovation, or optimizing cross-cultural communications.  As an agency planner, Pete delivered value to client companies in diverse sectors, with particular expertise in the food and foodservice industries.

Pete's work-style is collaborative, integrative, fact-based – and above all, driven by a passion to help brand marketers become stronger practicing strategists themselves while they advance the essential day-to-day work of their organization.  Read more about Pete here.