A New Approach: Strategy-by-the-Slice

Strategy is hard work that takes skill, and Bounding Bear Strategy helps marketing teams build those skills.  In fact, Bounding Bear has developed Strategy-by-the-Slice ("SBS"), a step-by-step coaching process that improves marketing team performance by raising their planning and execution skills in one area (or “slice”) of the marketing mix at a time: for example, trade show planning or social media campaigns. Strategy-by-the-Slice fits the everyday reality of endless emails and tight project deadlines; in fact, it starts with a focus on your immediate concerns, such as an upcoming product launch.  But SBS skill training quickly integrates other slices, enabling marketing teams to plan and execute all parts of a larger marketing strategy more efficiently and effectively in an ongoing way.

And how does SBS training help a head of marketing?

Two ways.  First, if your organization can’t afford an advertising or marketing agency, SBS coaching strengthens your team’s ability to plan and execute strategy year-in and year-out.  You may never need to pay the high fees that agencies charge for strategy work.  Second, if you already use an agency, Strategy-by-the-Slice will help you get more from them by boosting your team’s ability to evaluate agency work from a more strategic standpoint.

And what are the strategy slices?

The slices vary, depending on two important drivers: (1) How your target audience wants to engage, and (2) How prepared your organization is to engage when and where that audience wants.  How the audience wants to engage is first for a reason: it’s strategy from the outside in – strategy from the customer’s perspective – and it’s the only guarantee of ongoing success. Based on essential audience insights, strategy slices may include advertising, content marketing, trade shows, social media, public relations, event or experiential marketing, NPD or other elements.  It may also include a review and updating of your brand identity and strategy.

How does each slice drive results - and what results do they drive?

If each strategy “slice” is insight-driven and engages your audience in a way meaningful to them, it will strengthen their interest or preference for your brand, and can spur them to action.  For example, an email blast done better than in the past can move a prospect to learn more about your new product now, instead of putting it off.  And each slice, done better than before, is a lever to lift other slices.

The result: An audience experience with your brand that sparks their interest, spurs purchase, and boosts their preference for your brand.