Bounding Bear’s Strategy-by-the-Slice training is insights-driven and highly collaborative.  It raises the strategic planning and execution skills of attendees through workshops tailored specifically to the needs and objectives of each organization.  While the details of the process therefore vary, it always employs strategy-from-the-outside-in.  This ensures that strategy slices and the larger marketing strategy they comprise align with target audience needs while supporting overall business objectives.

The SBS skill-building process typically starts with a focused briefing on business objectives and a competitive market assessment; audience insight analysis and attitudinal mapping; and review of marketing objectives and current plans or strategies in play.  These provide the launchpad for the skill-building interactive workshops that follow with marketing leadership and team members. SBS workshop attendees prioritize, map and align slices of the marketing mix with audience needs, and then practice techniques for integrating their slices into sustained strategy that drives growth.  The outcome is a more skilled, more customer-focused, higher-performing marketing team ready to provide ongoing organizational leadership.

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Strategy-by-the-Slice skill-building workshops can be tailored to focus on any of the areas below, with corresponding outcomes as described:

brand strategy & value proposition development

A brand preferred by customers for the value it delivers, with a clear and strong identity that distinguishes it from competitive brands in customers’ minds.

message & creative strategy

Marketing communications in all forms that get and keep the attention of customers, prospects, investors and employees because creative and messaging are built on strategic audience insights.

brand asset management

A brand managed in full sync with business objectives, thereby delivering more effectively against ROI metrics.

integrated marketing plan development

Marketing campaigns that “fire on all cylinders” through smart, focused use of tactics tailored to real market conditions and opportunities. Tactics may range from experiential marketing to trade incentives to social media through mobile channels.

market trend analysis

A clearer view of large forces at work – for example, the mainstreaming of organic foods – and what challenges and opportunities those forces present in practical terms.

business development strategy

Stronger integration of the Sales and Marketing functions to achieve or surpass overall business goals: for example, expansion or higher penetration into new channels, stronger relationships with key channel partners, or pricing strategies.

cross-cultural & international marketing

A new or better ability to win and keep customers through message strategies that communicate brand identity and value in increasingly diverse and competitive markets.